Business/Corporate – Utilizadores Adicionais

100,00  / year

* Aos valores apresentados acresce IVA á taxa legal em vigor, quando aplicável.

Esta licença é apenas válida para adicionar utilizadores a uma solução de Business/Corporate já adquirida (OnCloud ou OnPrem).

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Adyta.Phone is a solution for secure communications fully developed by Adyta in its offices in Portugal.

This solution differs from other communication solutions on the market. It has a transparent business model, where the customer pays for a subscription for a service and does not pay by having his own personal or business data collected.

We don’t want your data!
It is yours and will remain so whenever you use Adyta.Phone.

At the same time, Adyta.Phone provides strong and high-performance encrypted communications, data integrity and enhanced usability.

This is the tool you need to keep your communications safe, reliable, and efficient without running the risk of exposing them to malicious agents or dispersing your data to unknown places.