Face the Digital Transition with more preparation, more security and in compliance with the highest demands.

We are specialists in Cybersecurity and Information Technology Consulting, able to help our clients in an increasingly digital world.

We face each project as a challenge and adapt to the needs of our customers. Flexibility is one of our mottos, as each customer is a partner of us. We imprint innovation in every job and seek to evolve with every challenge.

With a dedicated team, we provide all the support to obtain the best cybersecurity performances for our clients’ organizations.

Through our services, which range from cybersecurity consulting, to the comprehensive technical assessment of solutions and systems, we help each client to protect their assets more efficiently.

ADYTA performs a complete assessment of each customer’s security environment, looking for flaws and vulnerabilities that it subsequently helps to mitigate.

We develop solutions and ongoing support, as well as long-term strategic cybersecurity planning.

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